Asset protection structuring advice concerning your business interests focuses on examining:

  • the exposure of personal wealth
  • the loss of all business assets
  • the exposure of all business interests.

The exposure of personal wealth

Things go wrong in business all the time, unexpected things.  It would be terrible if a claim against a business you have an interest in extended to you personally.

We provide advice on how to structure your business interests and your personal wealth to minimise the risk of losing your personal wealth if there is a claim against your business.

The loss of all business assets

A business has many moving parts, including its intellectual property, expensive equipment, employees and the business premises.

Asset protection involves looking at ways of structuring a business so that some of these moving parts are better protected

Exposure of all business interests

Where there is a claim against one business, quite often this creates a cascading effect, dragging in other business assets.

When structuring business interests, it is important to minimise the chance of this happening.