Tim O’Dwyer

Tim O’Dwyer is a consultant with Mitchells Solicitors and is well known in the community as a real estate watchdog. He is a passionate advocate for consumers in the real estate arena.

He writes for Online Opinion and The Australian Real Estate Blog.

He has also appeared on radio segments and on A Current Affair as a real estate law expert.

Tim O’Dwyer on Channel 9 News – Neighbourhood Disputes and Trees

Tim O’Dwyer talking about how to spot signs of a property scam.




Tim O’Dwyer discussing overhanging trees and disputes between neighbours.

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Tim O’Dwyer on A Current Affair – Rotten Renters


Tim O’Dwyer discussing renters who trashed a property and stole from the landlord.


Tim O’Dwyer on A Current Affair – Real Estate Racketeers


Tim O’Dwyer discussing the latest in property scams, known as ‘wraps’.


Tim O’Dwyer on ABC – Seeing the wood for the trees



Tim O’Dwyer discussing a recent QCAT decision and what it means for tall trees on your property.


Tim O’Dwyer on 4BC – Neighbour disputes


Listen to Tim O’Dwyer talking about how neighbour disputes can reduce property prices and drive away tenants.


Tim O’Dwyer on 4BC – Dodgy Agents


Listen to Tim O’Dwyer discuss the case of a woman who was almost charged a commission by an agent who had not sold her home.


Tim O’Dwyer on 612 ABC – Selling a Home



Tim O’Dwyer, solicitor and property law expert, gives his advice on selling a property:

* An auction is not always the best option for a seller

* Before you sign anything, obtain legal advice

* Ask your neighbours if they want to buy prior to putting it on the market; you may save on agents fees

* Get a building and pest inspection report done before putting the house on the market


Real Estate “Wraps”

Tim O’Dwyer’s article on owner-financed property scams.


Hands Off Our Front Yard


Tim O’Dwyer commenting in this article about what residents can do when the government wants to resume their land.


Grandmother Too Fearful to Leave her Home

Tim O’Dwyer comments in this A Current Affair story about a grandmother who is too fearful to leave her home due to an abusive neighbour.