Elder Abuse is a broad term and includes the physical, emotional or financial abuse of an older person.
Here are some examples of financial elder abuse:
Acquaintances of older people suddenly becoming very close who through fraud or threats excludes other members of the family and hijacks the finances of the older person.
Attorneys under a Power of Attorney documents obtaining an early inheritance.
A carer of an older person who assists in the finances of the older person utilising credit cards and other resources of the older person for their own personal use and enjoyment.
Assets being given away by the older person to one child for reasons which the older person does not really grasp or is duped into believing is appropriate in the circumstances (when it is not).
Sometimes there is bad behaviour on the part of those who care for an older Australian with regard to finances and sometimes even with regard to the treatment the older person receives. None of this should be tolerated. People who observe this should seek legal advice as to what steps can be taken to stop it.