Disputes & QCAT Applications

Sadly as people get older the family find it hard to agree on what is best for the older person and disputes arise. Sometimes these disputes are quite legitimate, because someone is doing the wrong thing. Other times the dispute is simply a matter of personality and it would be hard to suggest that anyone is doing anything wrong.
Whatever is the case, we are highly experienced in assisted people in family disputes concerning the care and arrangements of older persons. This may involve an application to that tribunal known as QCAT.

Sometimes people purport to act under an Enduring Power of Attorney document and they do the wrong thing. Sometimes people suggest they have a valid Enduring Power of Attorney document but everyone knows that the older person lacked capacity when it was purportedly signed. Whatever is the case, it will be necessary, for a Tribunal to review the situation. The relevant tribunal is known as QCAT. We at Mitchells are highly experienced in assisting clients in such disputes and are able to assist clients in making QCAT applications to bring a resolution to those disputes.