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Mehera Saunders

As a longtime Accredited Specialist in succession law, Mehera feels privileged to be practising in a field that not only continues to inspire and surprise her but where she can really make a difference to people’s lives every day.

Her legal areas of expertise include:

  • dispute work and litigation
  • succession law
  • estate planning and administration
  • wills.

Specifically, Mehera has built a strong reputation for delivering solutions to complex matters in succession law, especially in disputed matters. 

Since entering the field (post-admission) in 2009, Mehera has managed thousands of cases and learnt one fundamental thing: to expect the unexpected. 

Succession law is endlessly fascinating because we’re dealing with human psychology – people who are in a state of shock, grief or trauma at the loss of a loved one who then find themselves in even more stressful circumstances.

Whether in or out of court, negotiating a skilful way forward through messy legal scenarios that can sometimes drag on for years requires grit, experience, empathy and a willingness to keep learning. 

Mehera’s clients often tell her that she gives them peace of mind through one of the toughest periods of their life. They feel listened to and supported. She is also able to distil confusing legal terms into simple terms they can understand and then effectively act on.

To give back to the field, Mehera is currently serving on the Queensland Law Society’s Succession Law Committee and the Specialist Accreditation Sub-committee for Succession Law.